Professional Cycle
Two Guys That Like Bikes

There’s the "Big Box" stores that have secretaries, office managers, floor directors, and authorized repair mechanics with matching uniforms and their names on their collared shirts.

Then, there's our place where we ride our cycles to work everyday, know the specs of your bike at first glance, can rebuild a carb with our eyes shut, and spare parts are priced according to how much we like you this week.

Welcome to Professional Cycle of Meadville, PA or as its known, Pro-Cycle. Theres no espresso machine, collared shirts, or shiny glass display cases. The phone never quits ringing, the parts hang on the walls, sit in big bins, or are stacked in corners. We’ve had repairs payed off in Big Macs & Fries, trades are negotiable, and teasing is expected. This place is great !

All types of bikes are repaired. Off-Road equipment is also handled. We don't carry new bikes, but we do sell repaired / rebuilt stuff on a regular basis - excerpt and photo provided by



Welcome to Professional Cycle